Dillinger Steele


Poetry has always been an enjoyable form of expression for me. I love exploring emotions and reliving experiences through the vivid imagery that words can convey. Poems can be powerful instruments of self-reflection and insight, triggering epiphanies and making abstract concepts more tangible. They can inspire emotions ranging from laughter to tears and create a connection with readers that transcends the written word.

Writing poetry continues to be an outlet for me to process my emotions and reflect on my experiences. It has become a way to create harmony between mind and soul, allowing me to be in tune with my core and see beyond the shallow facade of life. Poetry is what language was meant to be: raw, authentic, and unhindered. It requires minimalism and focus, with every word carrying great weight and emotional resonance. It warms hearts and welcomes readers into the depths of the author's psyche.

For those who haven't explored the art and power of poetry, I strongly recommend it as a form of expression and a way to connect with oneself and others. It is an opportunity to embrace vulnerability, explore hidden emotions, and communicate profound ideas in an honest and artistic way. Poetry has the power to evoke emotions, open up discussion, and transcend words. It encourages readers to reflect, question, and gain valuable insights from the author's words.

I invite you to join me on a poetic journey where words become a window to explore the depths of the human condition. Where experiences, both joyful and sorrowful, are drawn out and shared in a way that resonates with the reader on a deep, personal level. Where every poem is a reflection of myself, my experiences, and the path that I have taken. These poems will invite you to witness the ebbs and flows of life through my eyes, and I hope that you take away from them a sense of companionship and shared understanding.

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