Dillinger Steele

Top Writer and Musician in Columbia

Welcome to Dillinger Steele, where I strive to create meaningful and unique music and poetry in Columbia! My journey began long ago, at the young age of five, when I sang a song every day for my first grade class. It was then that I knew what I needed to do—create, and create often. I read an incredible amount and had a curiosity that spanned beyond the usual bounds.

Throughout my life and my journey, I have refined my musical and writing talents to create compositions that I hope will be of value to others. At Dillinger Steele, I combine musical mastery with poetic absurdity to create works that speak to the soul. Music, poetry, and voiceovers are just some of the offerings on the menu.

Dillinger Steele has a song for everyone—a way to hear, find something to reflect on, and enjoy something special. My songs express raw emotion and take people on an incredible musical journey, one where they find something in the lyrics for themselves. No matter if you’re looking to commemorate a special moment or find comfort in the familiar rhythm of a song, there is something for everyone here, so take a listen and enjoy!

If you are interested in hearing my music and poetry, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can provide references and discuss your specific needs. Thank you, and enjoy the music!

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